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welcome to the website

Welcome to the website of Incoparts BV. Please take a minute of your time to find out about us, and what we can do for you!

Our history:
For over 10 years we have been a true European leader in Commodity Components distribution and we highly believe in a no-nonsense customer focused approach. Our experienced team mainly serves the worldwide VAR / OEM / ODM / EMS / Distributor market, but we are always expanding our activities into the global market.

The Incoparts global headquarters you will find in The Netherlands, we also have representatives in Spain and Italy. Northern and Latin America is serviced trough Incoparts USA, Inc. Incoparts has a yearly turnover of approximately 200 million USD and is amongst the top independent players in the world. Our flat organization structure, high integrity and our customer focus is very important to us to maintain business our relationships. Our financial strength carries out to have no limitations to do deals of any kind.

Your daily benefit doing business with us you will find in the price you get on our components, commitment on orders placed and industry knowledge of our professional staff. Here's why:

  • With our clear low cost structure and low overhead it isn't necessary to overcharge you for parts and get higher return on assets.
  • An order is a 100% commitment to deliver you the goods no matter any market price fluctuations
  • Getting you the parts that no one else can because of our knowledgeable staff

Incoparts is out here to serve you in for the long term, we believe you will find it in our price, commitment and service. We look forward to your business and a relationship with you.

Feel free to contact one of our representatives in your region to place your RFQ!

The contact details of the office near you is available under the contact us button on the main page of our website.

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Central and Eastern Europe:


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Thomas Balm

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Paul Henson


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